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Cabaret Intensive

Cabaret Intensive

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Cabaret is one of the most intimate forms of show business. The combination of musicianship with personal-signature performance allows the audience to access a different relationship with a cabaret performer than a concert or staged production. The voice unadorned is pure and simple. We want our students to experience this. Our students strive to get inside a song – the distillation of the human experience. We offer our students the tools to arrive at the work distinctly and make songs uniquely their own. Voice is only a part of the entertainment equation. There is a strong element of message that must be imparted through personality and interpretation.

The workshop runs 6 weeks, with classes meeting once a week on Saturdays. Class topics range from building repertoire, song selection, lyric interpretation, building patter, structuring the show and connecting with the audience. The workshop culminates in a fully realized performance on the Society Cabaret stage. Students will perform a 3 song set that they have constructed in class along with patter for a house full of family, friends, fans and the general public.


Starts February 25, 2017 and runs through April , 2017.

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